Conceptual tissue models for operation planning and preparation

ConceptModel is a custom-made medical device in the form of an anatomical model used for preoperative preparation, in particular planning surgery procedures, shaping fixation materials (plates, flaps , meshes), simulating surgeries, and training doctors. It is prepared on the base of patient’s CT scan and manufactured by 3D printing technology. The models are sterilisable and usable in the operating room during the surgery. The whole process from the processing of CT scans to the manufacturing of the models is fully certified. Our solutions are used especially in traumatology, orthopaedics, oncology, maxillofacial, and plastic surgeries.


Why ConceptModel?

  • Preoperative preparation and planning – It is possible to prepare yourself for a complicated surgery in detail and to plan concrete procedures with the use of conceptual models.
  • Preparation of fixation materials and implants – Conceptual models allow you to choose appropriate fixation materials and implants as well as their shape before surgery (plates, flaps , meshes).
  • Trial surgery – Through conceptual models you can repeatedly test and debug a procedure with no risk.
  • Professional training – Conceptual models are opportunities for beginning surgeons to gain experiences without risk to real patients.
  • Communication with the patient – You can illustrate the operation procedure and possible alternatives for your patient using the conceptual models.
  • Reducing operation time – Shorter procedures are possible thanks to better preoperative planning and preparation of fixation materials and implants.
  • Damaged tissue reconstruction – We can perform damaged tissue reconstruction together with the design of a conceptual model. The surgeon can have the conceptual model of the current state of the tissue as well as the design of the damaged tissue reconstruction at their disposal.
  • Risk reduce – Safer procedures for patients and surgeons through better preoperative planning and shorter operation time.
  • Fast design and delivery – A design of the anatomical model is prepared within a few days of receiving the CT scan. A printed model is sent within 7 days of the approval of the design.
  • Comprehensive and professional solution – Prepared conceptual models are approved by the treating surgeon. The whole process from the processing of CT scans to the manufacture of the models is completely certified, as are the sterilisable materials used in the operating room.

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11 years of experience

900+ successful operations

70+ hospitals

5 European countries

Our reference centres

The University Hospital in Ostrava – Neurosurgery Clinic

The University Hospital Brno – Clinic of Oral, Jaw and Facial Surgery

The University Hospital Olomouc – Clinic of Oral, Jaw and Facial Surgery

Frequently asked questions

What are your references?

Concept model service is part of BoneForm and BoneGuide Jaw services and has been operating on the European market for more than 11 years. We have prepared more than 900 anatomical models of different parts of the skeleton – whether physiological or pathological.

Do you have the required qualifications for the production of medical devices?

TESCAN Medical is a registered manufacturer of custom-made medical devices in the European Union. We have the required ISO 13485 certification and first-hand experience gained over 11 years. We are using validated technologies and certified materials for the processing of CT scans and the production of medical devices.

I am interested in a conceptual model for my patient. How should I proceed?

You just have to send us an order and the patient’s CT scan. Send your order via our contact form. We will contact you after receiving your order and we will send you a link to our secure upload form for sending the CT scan.

How should I perform the CT examination to get usable data?

Slice thickness of at least 1 mm or thinner, bone reconstruction window, and without gantry tilt if possible. You can find the details in the CT scanning guidelines in the Downloads section.

How should I send you a CT scan?

We use secure data storage of medical data that conform to the highest international standards of ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR. You can find necessary information about how to send us CT data by following this link.

How can I be sure that my patient and I will be satisfied with the conceptual model?

We create the best possible implant designs based on our experiences of the last 11 years. We will send the design to you electronically to get your approval, and only then will we start producing the model. In case you want to alter the design, we will make the requested changes and then send you the new design for your approval.

How long will it take to receive the conceptual model?

A design of the anatomical model is prepared within a few days of receiving the CT scan. A printed model is sent within 7 days of the approval of the design.

What are the parts of the ConceptModel?

The delivery consists of: a sterilisable anatomical model, an individualised declaration of conformity, and graphical instructions to be used to aid orientation during the surgery.

Are the models sterilisable?

Yes, anatomical models can be sterilised in an autoclave. The sterilization conditions are listed in the instructions for use.

How much does ConceptModel cost?

Please contact us or our sales representatives for more information.

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Do you have any questions that you didn’t find the answer to?

Look in the DOWNLOADS section or CONTACT us.